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The need for an Instagram about videos

Instagram story has taught a lot of things, to everyone. It’s been an example, and I’m not sure it can be considered “good” or “bad” example, neither.

If one shall look superficially to Kevin Nystrom app evolution, he would deduct the following key points:

  • It’s more important to buzz than immediately monetize, for a startup
  • When you have a good idea, try to launch it and be acquired, instead of developing it for a long term

It’s something that created a trend, followed by many developers and startuppers, with successful or failed cases.

One of the first question was: what about something similar to Instagram but related to video sharing, instead of photo? SocialCam was one of answers, maybe the most famous.

Launched by Justin.Tv on March, 2011 and available for both iOs and Android devices, SocialCam has topped two millions of downloads, very good numbers even if small compared to Instagram’s.

SocialCam users can share their videos with their friends, using Facebook and Twitter API, and apply several filters. Is it enough to make it as “The Next Big Thing”? Past events would confirm it, but videos aren’t pics, they are a more complex kind of media.

Users can take a photo with just a click, but a video is something more thoughtful, and the YouTube presence is heavy. It’s often true that if you like sharing videos, you love making it public, not only with your friends.

Do we really need a video version of Instagram to go mainstream? 

— 2 years ago

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